Financial Advisor on the Utility of Her Reverse Mortgage and Fairway’s Compassionate Approach to Service

Hollie Gandy, a financial advisor, found a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) to be a timely solution for herself, especially considering her husband’s age and his subsequent passing. The HECM allowed her to manage her husband’s bills and relieved her of the mortgage payment burden, requiring her only to cover taxes and insurance. She praises Fairway for their dedication to making HECMs understandable and their overall passion for helping people.

Her experience with Fairway has been overwhelmingly positive, setting them apart from other companies that she feels are more focused on costs and loan volume. Hollie values Fairway’s commitment to meeting people’s needs beyond just housing concerns.

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As Hollie says, “Michael and Fairway have been exemplary of my standards, as a professional…And there’s other players out there, but a lot of them are in it for how many costs they can ratchet up, how many loans they can close.”

“But with everyone [from Fairway] I’ve been associated with, it’s been a wonderful, a great experience.”